The 69th Annual Children’s Shopping Tour
Saturday, December 9th, 2017

The Children’s Shopping Tour has become a treasured event in the Salinas community. Many Shopping Tour recipients have told us how important and meaningful the event was for them as children, and for many the experience was powerful enough that as adults they wanted to help continue the event that offers so much charity to those who need it. This impact is why hundreds of Jaycees and other volunteers return year after year to offer that same gift again and again to their community.

In 1986, the Jaycees formed a foundation to secure grants that would enable them to raise more funds and sponsor more children. As fundraising efforts developed and additional money was raised, more and more children were sponsored with additional funds to purchase more clothing for each child. To enhance the child selection process, the Jaycees partnered with local schools and teachers to identify the children with the greatest need and sponsor them for the Shopping Tour.

The Salinas Jaycees have been developing the Children’s Shopping Tour since its start. Every year they work hard at raising the funds needed to make a successful Shopping Tour, and this year we are striving for the BEST event ever!