The 69th Annual Children’s Shopping Tour
Saturday, December 9th, 2017

History of the CST

Volunteers eagerly waiting in line to start

The Salinas Jaycees Children Shopping Tour has a great and lasting impact on our community. The impact this single event can have on a child can’t be understated. Here is a quick story from past volunteer Tiffany Zachmeier of Bay Federal Credit Union.

“I was a bit unprepared for what I was about to experience. I was stunned to see the literally hundreds of children waiting patiently in the cold – many without so much as a sweatshirt to fight off the chill – that were truly in need of basic necessities.

Stunned escalated to shock when Paul Farmer, the 2008 president of the Salinas Jaycees, explained that 425 children (all under the age of 13) had registered for the Children’s Shopping Tour through local schools. Before I had time to grasp what Paul had told me, I was assigned to my shopping buddies, Melissa (8) and Jaqueline (10). We rushed inside to the warmth of the Mall. Our first stop was J.C. Penny’s where we spent well beyond our $115-per-child budget to buy boots, socks, underwear, fuzzy jackets, jeans with sparkly pockets and rhinestone belts, sequined sweaters, warm glittery tops, and more. There was no shortage of bling in the huge bags I hauled out of the store 2 hours later. I was completely worked – and the girls were thrilled!.

volunteer signup tableWith up to 20% discounts offered by the stores helped a lot but you may be wondering just how I managed to buy so much with such a modest budget. Simple – I didn’t. I was so moved by these young girls who had so little – neither had a winter jacket and Jaqueline didn’t even own a pair of socks. So I did what nearly everyone else was doing: I spoiled them rotten, spent the $115 for each, and paid for the rest. I was exhausted from running after my little girls and hauling heavy bags of clothing but I felt fantastic when I saw their excitement – and deep empathy for their mothers who were grateful beyond words. Giving happiness to Melissa and Jaqueline was the best Christmas gift I could have hoped for.”

We believe the world changes one person at a time, through the impact of a thousand tiny actions. By helping to support the Salinas Jaycees Children’s Shopping Tour, you can create your own ripple effect on the life of a local child.

Won’t you please help us in continuing this incredible gift to the local school children who desperately need it?

volunteers eagerly stand in line to help

Part of what makes the Children’s Shopping Tour such a powerful service event in Salinas is that volunteers from all parts of the city come early on a Saturday morning to help shop with underprivileged children so they can have new clothes for the year.